City of London Secondary Panel Attendance Area Review update

Posted On Wednesday February 01, 2023

On January 31, 2023, Trustees supported proceeding with the City of London Secondary Panel Attendance Area Review that includes B. Davison Secondary School and establishing an Attendance Area Review Committee for the purpose of obtaining public feedback regarding the accommodation options included in the initial Attendance Area Report. This review includes secondary schools in London, Arva, Dorchester, and Aylmer.  

The initial report for this review can be found in the Regular Board Meeting Agenda.  

“The aim of the review is to balance enrolment within the system,” said Superintendent of Facility Services and Capital Planning Geoff Vogt, “Doing so will strengthen Thames Valley's business case to the Ministry of Education for a much-needed new secondary school in north London.” 

“We also want to adjust boundaries so that elementary students can attend the same secondary schools as their peers,” added Thames Valley Planning Manager Ben Puzanov, “Right now some student communities are split during the transition to secondary school, based purely on geography.”    

Next steps involve forming an Attendance Area Review Committee (AARC) as well as school level sub-committees with parent/guardian representatives from each affected secondary school. Sub-committees will hold meetings with their school communities to gather public feedback and strengthen the options under consideration. 

“What tonight’s motion represents is the Board of Trustees wishing to begin a community consultation process about the London Secondary Panel Attendance Area Review, so we can get feedback from school communities about the options under consideration and see if there’s any ways to improve upon those options. We  really want to encourage our school communities to get involved in the process,” said Chair of the Board, Lori-Ann Pizzolato.  

Following this public input process, a Final Attendance Area Review Report and recommendations will be presented at a Board meeting later this school year for Trustees’ consideration. If approved by Trustees, attendance area changes will take effect no earlier than September 2024. 

More details about the London Secondary Panel Attendance Area Review are available at Thames Valley invites community members to submit any comments and questions about the review through this website, where responses will also be posted. Members of the public may also subscribe to the website for updates. 

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