Head of the Arts Department:  Jeff Schiller
Music:  David Beaudoin
Phys. Ed:  Jeff Schiller
Visual Arts:  Ntianu Hector

Head of the English Department:  Loni Grover
English:  Loni Grover, Ntianu Hector, Paula DeSousa, Kristi Gauthier
French:  Dion Bruce

Head of Library:  Dion Bruce
Karen Kading

Head of the Math Department:  Andrew Lee
Math:  Andrew Lee, Christine Lyon

Head of the Science Department:  Jason Broderick
Science:  Christine Lyon, Lauren Allen

Head of Social Sciences Department:  Jenna McCombie
Family Studies:  Jenna McCombie
Geography:  Chris Taylor
History:  Dion Bruce, Kristi Gauthier
Social Sciences:  Paula DeSousa-Mouro

Head of Technology Department:  Jim Rops
Communication Technology:  Loni Grover
Construction SHSM:  Jonathan Periard
Manufacturing:  Jonathan Periard
Transportation SHSM:  Jim Rops

Head of Guidance Department:  Karen Kading
Careers:  Jason Broderick
Civics: Kristi Gauthier
Co-op:  Jim Rops
Guidance:  Karen Kading

Head of Spec. Ed. Department:  David Beaudoin
Spec Ed:  David Beaudoin, Paula DeSousa-Mouro, Christine Lyon, Jenna McCombie, Ntianu Hector, Morgan Sherlock

Athletic Director:  Chris Taylor

Computer Liaison:  Jonathan Periard

Learning Forward Facilitator:  Tom Maloney

LST:  Chris Taylor

OSSTF:  Karen Kading

SST:  Karen Kading, Chris Taylor

Student Achievement Leader:  Lauren Allen



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