Community Involvement Requirements


Students can earn community involvement hours through virtual or in-person volunteering activities that are:

  • Completed outside scheduled class time
  • Not part of a credit course
  • Unpaid

At the discretion of the student’s principal, the following activities may count toward the student’s community involvement hours:

  • Up to 10 hours of paid employment if a student is 14 years or older
  • Community involvement during school time
  • Duties or errands normally performed at home, such as helping a neighbour or younger sibling


Below are just a few examples of activities that qualify as community involvement. 

  • Assisting charitable organizations, service clubs and not-for-profit organizations
  • Fundraising, including canvassing and walk-a-thons
  • Coaching minor sports teams
  • Organizing events in your community or school
  • Participating in environmental projects like tree planting, clean-up or recycling
  • Assisting at seniors’ residences, hospitals or nursing homes
  • Helping young people through tutoring, transcribing or reading buddies
  • Leading others in your faith community


Click here for a printable Community Involvement Tracking Form


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